Thursday, September 29, 2011


A few weeks ago we adopted a new Kitten into our family. His name is Milo. We adopted him from West Jordan Animal Shelter. He has a little story that goes along with his adoption. Poor little Milo and 3 other little kittens along with their mother were found in a dumpster. The previous owners put them in a suit case and taped it shut and threw them away behind an animal hospital. Well someone who works at the hospital heard them meowing and rescued them. My sister did a story on the kittens rescue (she is a reporter for KSL) and called me up to see if we might want to get one. The kids have been wanting and asking to get another cat but we have been putting them off until Ethan was older. Well we decided that maybe it was time to get another pet (our last cat stitch died 4 years ago). We didn't tell the kids in our decision to get him and so when they got home from school we surprised them. They were so excited they even started crying. He has been so much fun and the kids love him. I do feel bad for him because the kids our constantly picking him up and carrying him around the house especially Ethan. Milo is starting to figure out some good hiding places especially when Ethan is around.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of Preschool

Ethan started preschool today. He was so excited to go to school just like his older sisters although he was a little sad that he was not going to be riding the bus. I am so proud of him. He did so good. I thought that I might have to stay the entire time because he sometimes has a hard time with me leaving him. When we first walked in he started crying because he was scared but after we went outside to take a class picture I told him I will be back soon and he was ok. His teachers names are Miss Jenn and Miss Danielle. Abby also went to this preschool and so they already knew Ethan a little which helped Ethan feel more comfortable. I can't believe how fast he is growing up.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Hawaii Trip 2011 - Snorkel Trip

On our last day of our vacation we went on a snorkeling trip. This was the first time our kids have ever been snorkeling and they loved it. We went on a big boat with a big group of people. They had a continental breakfast while we were on our way to the first snorkel stop. We went to 2 different locations to snorkel. The first stop was called Molokini. The water was so clear that we could see the bottom of the ocean from the boat. There was a lot of colorful fish at this stop. On our way to our next snorkel stop they had a BBQ lunch for us. The 2nd snorkel spot was my favorite. We swam with about 10 turtles. I had never seen a turtle snorkeling before and so I was so excited to see as many as we did. We had a great trip. The only bad part about this trip was I got a little sea sick but I handled it ok and still enjoyed snorkeling. I was so proud of all my kids for getting in the water and snorkeling. This was a great day to end our trip.

They had a water slid on the boat and Haylee and Megan had fun with it.

After snorkeling we all decided to dress up nice and go out to dinner before heading to the airport. This is a picture of all the girls getting ready. The guys got out numbered on our trip. There were 8 girls to 3 boys in our group.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hawaii Trip 2011 - Hawaiian Shaved Ice

So, one of our favorite things to do in Hawaii was to get shaved Ice. We went there at least 3 different times. We were pretty much hooked on it. There was so many different flavors to choose from and the portions were huge. On the bottom you could get ice cream and then you could choose up to 3 different flavors. They had so many different places where you could get shaved ice but our favorite place was called Ululani's Hawaiian shaved Ice... So Yummy.

We did a lot of walking. Ethan loves to ride on Andy's shoulders.
This was just a random pic with us in front of a Whale.

We just had to take the Browns to our favorite place too..