Sunday, October 9, 2011

Boy's Night

For the past week Ethan had been asking Andy to go with him to his work so he could see the Airplanes. So a few days ago on Andy's day off he decided to have a boys night and he took Ethan on a field trip to his work. First stop they went and got some ice cream. Then they went to daddy's work. Ethan loves Airplanes and he had so much fun seeing all the airplanes daddy works on and visiting with all of dads co-workers. He loved to watch them bring the airplanes in and out of the hanger. Here are some pictures they took on their fun boys night out.

playing on the tugs that bring the aiplanes in and out of the hanger.
This is one of their smallest ariplanes. Ethan likes to spin the propeller.

Playing with Dad's tools.

They are so shinny.
This is one of their largest airplanes.

Ethan playing with a tire jack.

Sitting in the cockpit.