Friday, December 23, 2011

Megan had her first piano recital. It was a Christmas recital. She did such a great job. The songs she played were Carol Of the Bells & I Saw Three Ships. She has been taking piano for about 1 1/2 years. She loves her teacher and she is learning it very well.

This is Megan's piano teacher Monica

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Fun

The kids were out of school on Halloween Day. We had such a fun day. I was excited to spend the day with them because it was Halloween and also because it was Abby's birthday. I loved the weather this year. Finally it was perfect Halloween weather. It was warm enough for the kids to go trick or treating without wearing jackets over their costumes. We started the day by taking the kids plus 2 of their friends to Gardner Village. The kids had fun doing the scavenger hunt to find all the witches.

Later in the afternoon Andy and kids carved their pumpkins.

Haylee attempted to carve her own pumpkin until she cut her self after mom kept warning her that she was going to cut her self. Luckily it was only a small cut. After that dad finished carving her pumpkin.

Finished product. Abby's Pumpkin.
Ethan's pumpkin
Haylee's pumpkin. (Megan wasn't home for the pumpkin carving party)
Time for Trick or Treating. We invited our friends the Brown's over for some pizza and then all the kids went trick or treating. Haylee was a Nerd (after changing her mind 3 times on what she was going to be this year), Megan was a Witch, Abby was a Cat, Ethan was a Pirate. Ethan was so cute this year. Andy took him around the neighborhood and he ran up to each house by himself and said "trick or treating". So Cute!

Abby's 7th Birthday

My cute little Abby turned 7yrs old on Halloween. I can't believe how big she is getting. We had a small family birthday for her on Sunday the night before her birthday. She got some really fun presents. One of her favorite treats are glazed donuts and so she requested glazed donuts for her birthday. So I made her a cake and we also had glazed donuts too.

She got a Book and a Halloween flashlight from Grandma & Grandpa H.
She got some barbie stuff from a few of her cousins.
She got a new Leapster game and Leapster charger from Grandma & Grandpa P
We gave her a new touch screen MP3 player.
We also gave her a new dress.
That night Haylee and Megan helped me blow up some balloon and we put them in her room. When she woke up on her actual birthday she was so surprised and excited to see her room decorated with balloons.

Pack's Pumpkin Patch

Early in October I went with Ethan's Preschool on a field trip to Pack's Pumpkin Patch. Every year Mrs. Jenn takes her preschool class here and I remember going with Abby and now I got the opportunity to go with Ethan's class too.

We started off with the a story about how a pumpkin grows. And they showed the kids all kinds of different varieties of pumpkins that they grow at the pumpkin patch.

Then Mrs. Jenn let all the kids pick out their own pumpkins that they eventually painted in preschool the next week. Ethan picked out the cutest little pumpkin.
Mrs. Jenn bought all the kids pumpkins and wrote their names on the bottom.
Class Picture
It was Mrs. Jenn's birthday so she brought donuts for the kids.

Before we went home the kid had fun running through the maze

These are the cute kids that Ethan carpools with to preschool. Ivan and Ellen.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Boy's Night

For the past week Ethan had been asking Andy to go with him to his work so he could see the Airplanes. So a few days ago on Andy's day off he decided to have a boys night and he took Ethan on a field trip to his work. First stop they went and got some ice cream. Then they went to daddy's work. Ethan loves Airplanes and he had so much fun seeing all the airplanes daddy works on and visiting with all of dads co-workers. He loved to watch them bring the airplanes in and out of the hanger. Here are some pictures they took on their fun boys night out.

playing on the tugs that bring the aiplanes in and out of the hanger.
This is one of their smallest ariplanes. Ethan likes to spin the propeller.

Playing with Dad's tools.

They are so shinny.
This is one of their largest airplanes.

Ethan playing with a tire jack.

Sitting in the cockpit.