Friday, November 1, 2013

Megan's 12th Birthday

Megan Turned 12 years old on August 14th.  She is growing up very fast.  She started Young Women's and loves it.  Megan loves horses and she has ever since she was very little, but she has never actually been horse back riding.  So, this year for her birthday I surprised Megan and took her horse back riding.  I found a Ranch on Antelope Island who gives horse back riding tours.  It was really special because I made special arrangement with them to give us a tour on her birthday and it was just Megan and I with 2 of the tour guides.  We had a great time and Megan was so surprised.  Here are a few of the pictures from her Birthday.

First Day of School 2013

I'm a little behind on posting this but better late than never.  Haylee started 9th grade this year.  She is doing really well in school.  She just finished the first term and is very proud to be getting straight A's.  Megan started Jr. High this year in 7th grade.  She loves school.  She is making a lot of new friends and is also getting really good grades.  Abby started 3rd grade.  She is still in the French immersion program.  She is reading and writing in French this year.  She is enjoying being the oldest from our family in elementary school.  Ethan started Kindergarten.  He loves school very much.  He especially loves riding the bus. I enjoy volunteering every Wednesday in his class and I get to work with all the kids.  It was sad seeing my baby start kindergarten but I am so glad he enjoys it and is doing really well.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hollywood California Trip 2013

Haylee turned 14 on July 11th. Since Haylee and Megan's birthday's are both in the summer we decided it would be fun to take just the 2 of them on a trip together.  We went to California to visit all the Hollywood sites.  We went on the trip over Haylee's birthday.  We went to Universal Studios and also took a tour in Hollywood of the stars homes and other Hollywood landmarks.  It was a really fun trip.  I was really glad we had the opportunity to take a trip with just my older kids because they are growing up way to fast and before long they will be moving away to college.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Catching Up!

Wow it has been about 6 months since I have blogged anything. A lot has happened and I feel really overwhelmed because I want to document everything. The procrastinating is over and I better give an update about what has happened the last several months. 
1.   Haylee was in Annie Jr. this past spring.  This was her first musical/play she has ever been in.  She had a lot of fun.  She was an orphan girl.  She worked really hard for about 2 months after school and on Saturdays having play practice.  I am really proud of her and thought she did a great job.  She is already planning on doing the school play next year and she hopes that Megan will do it with her.

2.  Ethan played soccer this past fall and spring.  His team name was called the red dragons.  He loves playing soccer.  He played on the same team in the fall and spring.  I think he improved a lot from the fall to the spring.  He was able to score a few goals. Andy had a lot of fun taking some great pictures.

3.  Abby had her spring dance recital.  This year she took Jazz and she loved it.  She was in the class with a couple of her friends.  Her performance was so cute.  I love that she is my little dancer.

3.  Ethan Turned 5 on May 23rd.  He had his first official friend b-day party.  The theme he chose for his b-day party was Iron Man.  We had fun planning his Iron Man party.  We had an Iron Man training obstacle coarse.  We had planned to have it outside in the backyard but it ended up raining during most of the party, so we ended up moving it inside. He invited about 10 of his friends.  It turned out really good and Ethan and his friends had a lot of fun.

Pin the stark reactor on Iron Man
Iron Man Target Toss
Break through the Wall
Weave through the cones
Balance Beam


4. Ethan graduated from Preschool.  He went to Brite Kids Preschool for 3 days a week.  He did so well and had so much fun.  His teacher was Ms. Michelle and she did such a cute little program for graduation.  He has grown up so much this past year.

5.  Haylee and Megan both had end of school parties.  Haylee's party was the end of May and Megan's party was the end of June.  They invited all their school friends over for a bbq and swimming.  It was a good way to kick off the summer break.

6.  Megan and I ran in the Girls On The Run 5K.  Girls On The Run is a program that Megan participated in at her school for 8 weeks after school. It's a great program that did lessons once a week about self esteem, service, taking care of yourself ect.  Every week they also ran to get ready for the race.  The 5k was at the end of the 8 week program.  Megan had to have a running buddy so I was her buddy.  It was my first 5k and it was a great experience running it with Megan.  She surprised so much and did amazing.