Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mountain Man Rendezvous

Last week Megan had a Mountain Man Rendezvous at school. The 4th grade decided instead of a school field trip they wanted to do this Rendezvous. A couple of months ago Megan brought home a note from her teacher about their plans for this big Mountain Man event and they needed some volunteers to help. I got so excited because this would be a perfect event for Andy to volunteer with. Growing up Andy and his father were really big into Mountain Man stuff. When they went camping as a family they would sleep in a teepee instead of tent, in fact for our wedding present Andy's dad made us our own teepee ( I know it may sound a little strange, we have only actually slept in it 1 time but the kids sure get a kick out of it). So, Andy called his dad to ask if he would like to also help him with this event. Andy's dad was thrilled and so excited he even took the day off from work. After a couple months of planning the event turned out great. All the 4th grade teachers were thrilled that Andy had a teepee to set up for the event. Some of the other stations they had were candle making, quilt making, panning for gold, Dutch oven corn bread, making butter, rope making, Tomahawk throw, pioneer games, and pie eating contest. The event lasted all morning and they had a blast.

Andy and his dad set up this teepee. It was the center of the whole event.

Andy's station was talking all about the teepee.

This is Andy's dad teaching the kids how to make rope.

Megan learning how to quilt.

Megan playing some pioneer games.

Andy's dad demonstrating the Tomahawk throw.

Each class got their picture taken in front of the teepee. This is Megan's 4th grade class.

They had a tug of war between the classes.

Megan's teacher Mrs. Herrick throwing the Tomahawk. She did really good.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Birthday Party

We had a small family birthday party for Ethan. It was a Thomas the train themed party. He was so excited for his party and loved everything he got for his birthday. He looks so big in all of these pictures it kind of makes me sad to think how big he is getting but I love what a wonderful boy he is becoming. Here are a few pictures of his big day.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Today Ethan Turns 3

Happy 3rd Birthday Ethan!

3 years ago today I gave birth to the most amazing little boy ever. We were so excited to finally have a boy after having 3 little girls. We have enjoyed every minute of every day having Ethan as part of our family. Ethan is such a little ball of energy. When he is awake he is non-stop on the go action packed little boy. He loves to run, jump wrestle, growl at his sisters, and just play hard. Right now Ethan is really into trains. He loves anything to do with Choo Choo trains. His favorite toy is his Geo trax train set. He loves to control it and make it go around the trax. He gets upset if anyone else tries to play with it. He loves to tear it apart and help dad rebuild it. Some of his other favorite things are his cars, tool set, basketball hoop, and reading books. Ethan also loves to play outside and go to the park (he calls his favorite park the "blue park" in the neighborhood). We just recently moved him from his crib to a big boy bed and he loves it. We also re-decorated his room from airplanes to sports and painted it blue. He loves his new room and it makes him look so grown up. His older sisters love having him in our family and they help take good care of him. We love Ethan very much and we are excited to see what this next year brings.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Haylee's Monster Concert

This year Haylee started taking vionlin lessons at school. I am really impressed with how much she has learned in just 1 year. Only the 6th graders get to take orchestra at school. All year Haylee has worked hard by attending her class twice a week. She has class during school on Wednesday and early before school on friday. A few days ago they had their end of year concert. They called it the Monster Concert because 5 different elementary schools all performed together in 1 big concert. They played 10 songs and they sounded great. Each instrument all wore different colored shirts. It looked really cool. I am so proud of Haylee and all her of accomplishements this year. She is excited to continue taking violin next year in Jr. High.

Easter 2011

I'm a little late in posting this but here are some pictures of our Easter. We went up to my parents house in Midway for an Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday but my camera battery died so I don't have any pictures of that day. Here are a few pictures taken on Easter morning

Ethan was so happy he got bubbles in his Easter basket

The girls dying easter eggs