Sunday, October 14, 2012

Abby's 8th B-day Party

Abby had her 8th b-day party at the Lion House this week.  Her actual birthday isn't until Halloween but we decided to have her friend party early because we have so much going on around her birthday.  This year we wanted her birthday to be special because she is getting baptized, so we had it at the Lion House. I remember going to the Lion House when I was a child for a birthday party with one of my friends and it was so much fun. She invited 8 of her friends and it was a very special party.  The Lion House did a wonderful job.  When we first arrived we were greeted by our Hostess and she was wonderful.  She took us into our party room and all the girls put on a name tag.  The girls all sat down in a circle and she talked a little bit about the history of the Lion House and Brigham Young.  We then went on a tour of the Lion House.  The girls all put on a bonnet as they walked around the house.  After we returned to our party room they played some pioneer games.  The games they played were Button, Button who's got the Button & Hide the thimble   Next they participated in an old fashion taffy pull.  They really enjoyed making the taffy. After the Taffy pull we all had a yummy light dinner.  They served us turkey cheese rolls, carrot with ranch, apples, pretzels and lemonade.  After dinner Abby blew out her candles and we had chocolate cake and ice cream.  One tradition they did was they put a big gumball hidden inside the cake and no one knows who will get it.  Who ever receives the gum ball in their cake will have good luck for 1 year.  The girls were excited to look for the Gum ball.  Abby happened to be the lucky one.  After Cake and Ice cream Abby opened all of her gifts. Before we left as a gift from the Lion House they let Abby pick either a Porcelain doll or a Lion.  I thought for sure she was going to choose a doll but she choose a Lion.  She loves her Lion.  Abby had a wonderful time she kept telling me that this was the best birthday party ever.  

They made Andy put on a bonnet for fun.  He was good sport.

When Abby opened her present the girls had to stand behind her and disguise their voice and say "Happy Birthday Abby" and Abby had to guess who it was.