Sunday, June 24, 2012

Father & Son Camping Trip

For several months Ethan has been really wanting to go camping.  We have been telling him that as soon as  it gets warm and the snow is off the mountains that Dad will take him camping.  So he had been patiently watching the mountains for the snow to melt and for it to get warm enough so he could go camping.  This past weekend Andy took Ethan up camping. They had a good time but Ethan got a little home sick. He called Mom a few times and wanted to go home before it was time to go to bed.  Andy made him stick it out but they came home a little earlier then expected the next morning. (I'm not going to lie but I kinda like that he is a moma's boy :)   Here are some great pictures of their first Father & Son Camping trip together.

They went on a couple of hikes to find wood.

Ethan cutting wood for the fire.

They roasted hot dogs for dinner.  Andy said Ethan insisted on doing all the roasting.

For dessert they roasted Marshmellows.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Catching Up

I'm a little behind on blogging.  My last blog post was about 3 months ago and a lot has happened since then.

  1.   Easter 2012!  We had a great Easter this year.  The kids went to 2 Easter Egg hunts.  The first one was at our Neighborhood park. The kids had fun hunting for eggs even though there was still snow on the ground. The second one we went up to Midway for our annual Parker Easter Egg Hunt. We always look forward to this one because all they love getting together with all of their cousins.  

Easter morning the they loved everything the Easter Bunny had brought them.

2.  Haylee ran for 8th grade class officer.  She didn't win the election but it was a good experience for her. The whole election process helped her get to know more kids and it made her get out of her comfort zone. We had fun thinking of Campaign slogans and it brought back a lot of memories of when I ran for office. She had fun making the posters and campaigning at school.  I was so proud of her and I think she did a great job.

3.   Abby had her end of the year dance recitals.  This year she was in 2 dance classes and so she had 2 seperate dance recitals. She took Ballet and Creative dance.

4.  Ethan's Preschool had a few field trips at the end of the school year.  They went to the library, Pet store and also the Children's Tree house Museum in Ogden.

Ethan had a little girl friend in preschool named Annie.  It was so cute how they became such good friend in preschool.  They held hands the whole time during their field trip to the Library.

5.  Megan and Abby had their school field day at South Davis Rec Center.  They spent 5 hours swimming and having fun with the whole school.

6.  Ethan turned 4 years old.  We had a fun family birthday party for him.  We had it at our neighborhood park.  He had a Cars themed birthday party this year.  I can't believe how big he is getting.

We gave him his first bike.

I took him to Lunch on his actual b-day.  It was fun to have a Mommy & Son date.

7.  We went to down to St. George for Memorial Day weekend.  It was also my birthday that same weekend and so it was fun celebrating it down there with family.  We had fun swimming, eating out and visiting with family.

For my Birthday my sister Shara and I got pedicures.

Andy taught Ethan how to do a Cannon Ball.

We went to snow canyon.

My cute parents.